Hashnode blog with custom google domain

You just signed up for your Hashnode blog and now you want to link your custom domain in Google Domains.

On Hashnode.com You do the following:

  • Go to your blog settings
  • Then Click on the Domain option on the sidebar


In here in the input box you type in your domain but must be preceded with your sub-domain.

So you input value should be like in exemple : blog.danmonceau.fr

Now on the Domain registrar site Here Google Domains more specifically, we do the following steps after selecting your domain:

  • Go to the DNS section of your domain


Here in the custom resource records area we add a new record with type of CName with the name and value (or data) of hashnode.network. which in my case the values were like

After you hit add, it might take a few minutes for your changes to take effect *depending on your registrar. later when you try your root (main) domain again it should load just fine as it will be automatically redirected to your sub-domain by the browser (client app).